What is a School Account?

Mobie Alert is designed to provide a safety network for schools, teachers, employees, students and their families. It gives schools the power to know and act by broadcasting emergency alerts and cautionary messages to all members within their alert circle.

A School Account consists of the school creating an alert circle of students, staff, employees, and anyone else the school wishes to include, such as the local police and parents. In the event of an emergency, the school can warn all members of the danger on campus and take appropriate actions.

The School Account has special features in addition to the universal features of all accounts. These special features are:

  • Designation of circle member by type: Initiator, Notifier and Security
  • Customize 3 preset emergency alert messages
  • Customize 4 preset cautionary alert messages
  • Customize 1 Limitless Alert-On-The-Go messages
  • Security-Assisted Alerts can be accessed by everyone.
  • Authority-controlled communication forum (chat & share pictures)
  • Authority-controlled access to roll call, health data, health status, GPS location
  • Post emergency messages to the school's Twitter account, Facebook account, school website, and more

These special features allow schools to control and coordinate communication with security, management and emergency responders, as well as determine and coordinate actions during emergencies.

The type of circle member is assigned by the school when it sets up its alert circle. Member's designation can be changed at any time based on the school's changing situations. The following is our definition of each type of member within a school's alert circle:

  1. Initiator is an individual given the power to launch only emergency alerts. The school can designate people like administrators, teachers and certain employees.
  2. Notifier is an individual who only receives cautionary and emergency alerts. The school can designate people like students.
  3. Security is an individual given the power to launch both cautionary and emergency alerts. The school can designate people like campus security personnel, campus police and local police.

Mobie Alert allows the school to determine its campus' perimeters. You get to set the boundaries. Within this set geography, Mobie Alert can be used to send cautionary messages (such as construction hazards on campus, closed streets or buildings, etc.) and emergency alerts (school shootings, fire, etc.) affecting everyone who works at or attends the school. Even if members are not on campus the moment the alert is broadcasted, they will still receive the information on their mobile devices, and via email, to notify them of the situation. Armed with knowledge of the emergency, they can respond accordingly.

Beyond the school's range, a Mobie Alert School Account becomes an Individual Account that can be used only to notify the individual's personal alert circle, which would not include the school. You can visit our Individual Account to find out more about how it works.

School Account Services subscription is affordable and is for one year. The school pays a fee of $399.99 USD for itself and $0.99 for each circle member (e.g., students and employees). This is done by purchasing Access Codes for them. Schools can provide us with their names and email addresses; we'll send them an invitation email along with the Access Code for them to use to join the school's alert circle.


  1. It is not an emergency responder nor a replacement for emergency responders, such as police, fire, medic, etc. The alert sender and circle members are responsible for taking the necessary steps to provide assistance and/or contact authorized governmental agencies (police, fire, medic, etc.) for assistance.
  2. This application requires all smart mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.) must have GPS/ Internet / Wi-Fi connectivity, availability, and service in order to send and receive all push messages, notification messages, emails, GPS functionality, and be able to communicate during emergency alerts and notifications.
  3. Mobie Alert is not responsible for any time delay of push messages, including missed push messages, due to our lack of control over Apple and/or Google servers which host our application and its broadcast of emergency alerts, cautionary alerts, and all notifications messages.
  4. Mobie Alert is not responsible for subscriber's choice of members in their alert circle. Whether or not these chosen individuals respond is up to their discretion.

Please thoroughly read our Terms of Service before and when you register your account with Mobie Alert.

How Mobie Alert's School Account Works

Mobie Alert is a safety and alert network. As such, once all students and employees of the school are registered, part of the alert circle, and armed with Mobie Alert's app on their mobile smart devices, any time a dangerous situation arises on a school's campus, any Initiator or Security member can launch any one of the 3 customized emergency messages or any one of the 4 customized cautionary messages to the circle. All members will receive a push message and an email notifying them of the emergency or cautionary situation. Cautionary messages are received as push messages as they are general notifications only. An emergency alert message will create a communication forum which opens when the member opens the emergency push message. Posted on the emergency forum is the name of the Initiator/Security member who launched the message, the preset emergency message, the sender's GPS location, and the time and date of the event.

Due to the generally large size of a school and its need for control and coordination, only Initiators and Security members can communicate on the forum using chat and images. Notifiers can see only the initial emergency message, but do not see any additional communications and cannot access any functions on the forum's board except for the "Help" button. As such, an authorized Security member can share information and the school's decisions by sending them Alert-On-The-Go customized messages. The reason for this control is to allow those in charge to properly respond to the crisis and not congest the communication forum.

On the main forum screen are features for:

  • Roll call - records who has checked in
  • Health status - how is the member doing? (OK, Mild Injury, Critical Injury)
  • Health data - basic information such as drug allergies to give to medics as needed
  • GPS location - where each member is at the moment he/she checked in
  • GPS location of medical centers and police station
  • Save - saves all communication posted to the forum
  • Reset - closes the emergency forum and resets & rearms all applications on all devices

   These functions can be accessed only by Initiators and Security during an emergency.

While the application is open, any new emergency can be launched by Initiators and Security via the "Help" button. This will send out a new emergency alert and a new emergency forum will be created to deal with that particular situation. Again, all circle members will receive push messages informing them of the nature of the emergency. However, if a Notifier launches the "Help" button while his/her app is opened during a school emergency, he/she has 3 options: (1) contact Security for help, or (2) launch an emergency alert message to his/her personal alert circle, or (3) abort. If a personal emergency alert is launched to the Notifier's personal alert circle, it would not affect the school's alert circle. You can learn more about how our Individual Account works by visiting that page

Before the emergency is closed out, administrators can save communication data from the forum. This data is sent to all Initiators and Security members. Once the emergency situation is resolved, the person who launched the emergency alert (Initiator or Security) is the only person who can close the forum and reset all members' applications on all devices for the next time it is needed. This is done through the "Reset" button on the app, or through the school's account on our website. However, if there has been no activity on the forum after 24 hours, then the application will automatically reset itself.

Registering a School Account

Mobie Alert is a FREE app downloadable from an Apple App Store or Google Play. To access and use our services, the school has to purchase a School Account Basic Service subscription, and purchase Access Codes for each person it wants in its alert circle ($0.99 for each member for one year).

Follow the steps below to register, purchase our services & Access Codes, and create your alert circle. You can also view our tutorial videos which are short and easy to follow.

  1. 1. You can register a school account by going to our website: www.MobieAlert.com. (We recommend the school administrator uses his/her school email address or the school's contact email address.)
  2. After registering, log in to your school account.
  3. Click on the "Subscription & Access Codes" button on the left column.
    • Purchase the School Account Services subscription.
    • Purchase the number of Access Codes you need for the number of students, staff and employees you have, including the administrator.
    1. 3 emergency alerts.
    2. 4 cautionary messages.
  5. Next, ADD MEMBERS TO YOUR ALERT CIRCLE. These are the people you've purchased Access Codes for. Provide us with their names and email addresses.
    1. Upload 3 files of names & email addresses for Initiators, Notifiers, & Security.
    2. Or manually enter them if there are only a few.
  6. We'll send them emails about Mobie Alert, their Access Codes, and your desire for them to be part of your school's emergency alert and notification circle.
  7. The invited circle member has to download our app and register an Individual account, use his/her Access Code to subscribe to our services, and approve-or reject-your request to be part of your circle.
  8. You can check the status of those members who have joined and those still pending.
  9. Download Mobie Alert from Apple App Store or Google Play.
  10. Register an Individual account for the administrator using our app on your smart device, or visit our website: www.MobieAlert.com. (We recommend the school administrator uses his/her personal email address.)
  11. Open the Mobie Alert app on your smart device and LOG IN. This activates and arms the app on your device.
  12. Once your school account has at least one circle member, the system can send your emergency alert to that person in the event of an emergency!
  13. We recommend you test your alert circle after members have joined in order to familiarize everyone with how Mobie Alert works before a real emergency arises.

It's that simple! So get started and sign up your school and all of its students, staff and employees to Mobie Alert. The cost is ridiculously affordable!

Mobie Alert is the safety network that can be used as a short term backup communication in the event of a school's communication network failure due to hacking, malfunctions, solar flares, etc. We're able to provide you with the platform to communicate with your employees and students as you make necessary operating decisions until your intranet and internet are restored!

Case Scenario 1: Shooting on Campus

If a shooting occurs on any school or college campus, the school can respond immediately with Mobie Alert:

  1. Any teacher, staff or security personnel (Initiators and Security members) can launch the emergency alert message: "Gunmen on campus. Immediate lockdown. Police alerted."
  2. Immediately after the emergency alert launch, the sender would be prompted to call 911 and provide emergency responders with information, including images and GPS location.
  3. Everyone with Mobie Alert would receive the emergency alert right away with the GPS location shown on a Google Map.
  4. All teachers and staff can initiate lockdown and get students to safety.
  5. Using the emergency forum, Initiators and Security members can communicate and coordinate actions to protect everyone and inform law enforcement of the gunman's location and activities.
    1. Coordinate with law enforcement by providing information and images of the gunman's location and activities.
    2. b. Students (Notifiers) can be kept up-to-date by Security personnel with Alert-On-The-Go messages.
  6. Initiators and Security can access special features like:
    1. Roll Call - find out who has checked in
    2. Health Status - find out each member's health condition (OK, mild injury, or critical injury)
    3. GPS locations - provides the GPS locations of Security and injured members.
    4. GPS locations of nearest police & medical centers
    5. Health Data - provide basic health data for an injured member (like drug allergies) to medics if necessary
    6. "Help" -if a Notifier is alone and needs help, he/she can launch the "HELP" button to reach Security, OR contact his/her personal alert circle and share information about the situation at school.
  7. Once law enforcement is on campus, school officials can allow them to communicate with circle members to:
    1. Determine the gunman's location(s).
    2. Determine students' and school employees' location for safety and assistance.
    3. Determine who is injured and how to get medical help to them. (Health Status & GPS locations)
  8. The emergency forum allows one-on-one chats between Initiators and Security members for additional efficiency and coordination.
  9. The app can handle multiple emergency forums. Additional forums can be opened for critical injuries, etc
  10. All communication data can be saved for review, future emergency strategy planning, legal purposes and others.
  11. The emergency forum is closed once the situation is resolved.
    1. The Initiator of the emergency needs to click on the "reset" button on his/her device. This will reset and rearmed all applications on all devices.
    2. The administrator can also reset all applications on all devices by logging into the school's account and resetting all devices there.
    3. The app will reset itself after 24 hours of no activity on the forum.

Case Scenario 2: Opened Multiple Alerts

ABC High School has signed up for Mobie Alert and added all of its students, teachers and employees to its circle. It has a total of 827 circle members. The school's designated Mobie Alert administrator has completed the school's registration by creating four customized cautionary messages and three emergency alert messages. She has conducted a test to prepare all members on how the application functions during a drill. The school is ready, armed and prepared in the event of an emergency.

One day, a main pipe erupts in the school's main building which the most number of students and administrative staff. It floods half the basement with gallons of water and threatens to burst pipes in the entire building. A janitor, with Security power, creates a custom message on the spot called Alert-On-The-Go. He launches it immediately. Everyone on campus, as well as those who are off campus, receive Mobie Alert's push message on their mobile device (smart phones or tablets). The message informs them of the flood and to evacuate the building. Those in the affected building evacuate immediately.

Suddenly, another emergency alert push message is received by everyone informing them of a fire. Upon opening the second push message, the app creates a forum board for the fire emergency. The Initiator of the fire emergency posts on the forum her action in calling 911 and telling them where the fire is and how serious it is.

Initiators and Security members communicate with each other to coordinate evacuation and protection of students and employees. A designated Security member can update Notifiers of any new instructions made by administration through the use of Alert-On-The-Go.Meanwhile, teachers can check roll call, health status and the GPS of students and employees to ensure everyone is safe and accounted for. The school's administrator can coordinate with campus security, designated staff and emergency responders to ensure all students and employees are out of the fire and flood areas. In addition, they can coordinate with notifying parents and ensure students return home safely.

After the situations are resolved, the school administrator (or any Initiator / Security) can save all communication data before closing the two forums. If she forgets, the system reminds her during the reset process which can then be cancelled in order to save the data. Then it's a simple matter for the Initiator of the emergency alert to reset his/her app which initiates a reset of all apps in the school's circle. Mobie Alert is reset and ready for the next time it is needed.

Situations Where Mobie Alert Can Be Used

  • To broadcast real danger as well as potential danger (dangerous gun man or unauthorized personnel in building)
  • To broadcast storm and earthquake warnings.
  • To broadcast cautionary alerts about potential medical / health issues such as the seasonal flu.
  • To broadcast closure of buildings and areas due to construction or other reasons.
  • To broadcast school accidents such as gas leaks, fires or explosions.
  • To broadcast possible bomb threats and other terrorist activities.
  • To broadcast people's location during natural disasters (storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.)
  • To broadcast possible criminal activities, such as personal assaults on campus.
  • To broadcast planned drills.
  • Use Mobie Alert as a communication system if the school's communication network (IT network and phone system) is down through hacking, solar flares, electrical outage, etc.
  • And many other situations where knowing can save people's lives.

Mobie Alert can be used any time and any where safety is a concern for everyone. No matter where you and members within your circle are at school, as long as you have Mobie Alert and Internet connectivity, you can launch an emergency alert to safeguard each other. That's the power and reach of Mobie Alert!