What is an Individual Account?

Mobie Alert is designed to provide a safety network for everyone-family, friends, neighbors and groups. We create a circle of members armed with powerful technology to instantly send and receive emergency alert and cautionary messages to & from each other. With knowledge comes the power to act when crises arise.

An Individual Account consists of you connected to a circle of committed and caring people who are willing to come to your assistance when needed. In turn, you can be part of your family's and friends' circle. As such, circles will overlap and become stronger for their connections. So when you're faced with an emergency situation, you can immediately launch an emergency alert to ask for help from your circle members.

The Individual Account's Basic Service Package has the following features:

  • Everyone can send and receive emergency alerts.
  • Everyone can communicate on the forum using chat & pictures.
  • Roll call - find out who responds to the emergency alert.
  • Health status - gives each checked-in member's status (OK, mild injury, or critical).
  • Health data - stores limited personal health data (drug allergies, blood type, and the name & phone number of the physician) which can be provided to emergency responders if necessary
  • GPS location of injured members - Google maps the location of all injured members.
  • Provides the GPS location of the nearest medical centers and police for the emergency sender.
  • All communication data can be saved for legal, insurance and other purposes.
  • Able to handle multiple emergency alerts and forums.

Each individual has to register an account, subscribe to the Basic Services, and create a circle of members by inviting people to join his/her alert circle. Each invited person will receive an invitation email from Mobie Alert on your behalf. Then each invited person must register an Individual Account, subscribe to our Basic Services, and approve your circle member request. That's it. Easy peasy!

Isn't it great that Mobie Alert makes this type of expensive and comprehensive technology affordable and easy for you to safeguard yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and anyone you care about!


  1. It is not an emergency responder nor a replacement for emergency responders, such as police, fire, medic, etc. The alert sender and circle members are responsible for taking the necessary steps to provide assistance and/or contact authorized governmental agencies (police, fire, medic, etc.) for assistance.
  2. This application requires all smart mobile devices (phones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc.) must have GPS/ Internet / Wi-Fi connectivity, availability, and service in order to send and receive all push messages, notification messages, emails, GPS functionality, and be able to communicate during emergency alerts and notifications.
  3. Mobie Alert is not responsible for any time delay of push messages, including missed push messages, due to our lack of control over Apple and/or Google servers which host our application and its broadcast of emergency alerts, cautionary alerts, and all notifications messages.
  4. Mobie Alert is not responsible for subscriber's choice of members in their alert circle. Whether or not these chosen individuals respond is up to their discretion.

Please thoroughly read our Terms of Service before and when you register your account with Mobie Alert.

How an Individual Account Works

Basic Service Package

When you launch the Mobie Alert app on your mobile smart device, it gives you a menu of: (1) launch an emergency alert, or (2) abort. If the alert is launched, push messages and emails are sent immediately to all circle members' smart phones and email addresses. Immediately after the emergency alert is launched, the app prompts the Initiator (sender) with the option to call 911 for emergency responders' help.

The following occurs for all circle members when an emergency alert is sent or received:

  1. All circle members will receive an emergency alert message with:
    1. The name of the sender.
    2. The basic message that the sender needs help.
    3. The GPS location of the sender.
    4. The date and time of the message.
  2. Once circle members open their emergency message, the app opens an emergency forum for communication.
    1. Circle members can chat with each other.
    2. Members can take and share pictures on the forum.
  3. Access other features like:
    1. Roll call - find out who has or hasn't checked in.
    2. Health status - how is each member doing? (OK, mild injury, critical injury)
    3. GPS location - where is each member (based on latest response)
    4. GPS location of medical centers & police - where is the nearest medical center or police to the Initiator or injured members?
    5. Health data - if a member is injured, basic health data like drug allergies can be provided to medics as needed.
    6. Save - saves all communication data and emails them to all members.
    7. Reset - only the sender (Initiator) of the emergency alert can close the forum and reset all apps for future usage.
  4. Multiple emergency forums can be opened and members can move easily from one emergency tab to another.
  5. Members can provide emergency details to emergency responders for help.


  1. Each individual subscriber MUST have at least 1 person in their alert circle in order for Mobie Alert to send emergency alerts and emails.
  2. Resetting the application can also be done through the individual's account on our website.
  3. After 24 hours of no activity on any forum, the app automatically closes that emergency forum and resets & rearms itself.

Situations Where Mobie Alert Can Be Used

  • To protect yourself and your family during personal emergencies such as a broken ankle while running through a private park trail.
  • To prevent or safeguard against fire or other home disasters.
  • To prevent or safeguard against criminal activities (burglaries, home intrusions) and/or domestic attacks (drunk or out-of-control ex).
  • To request help during auto accidents & other mishaps (out of gas, flat tires, engine failure, etc.)
  • To broadcast people's location during natural disasters such as floods, storms and earthquakes.
  • To broadcast public emergencies such as bomb threats and potential terrorist attacks.
  • To broadcast severe weather warnings.
  • To serve as a backup communication during any crisis.
  • And many other situations where knowing may save people's lives.

Mobie Alert can be used any time and any where safety is a concern for everyone. No matter where you and your circle members are in the world, as long as you have Mobie Alert and Internet connectivity, you can launch an emergency alert to each other for help. That's the power and reach of Mobie Alert!

Registering an Individual Account

Mobie Alert is a FREE app downloadable from an Apple App Store or Google Play. To access and use our services, you will need to pay an affordable subscription fee for Basic Service Package ($0.99 for one year)

Follow the steps below to register, purchase our service, and create your alert circle. You can also view our tutorial videos which are short and easy to follow.

  1. Download Mobie Alert from Apple App Store or Google Play
  2. Register an Individual account using our app on your smart device, or visit our website: www.MobieAlert.com.
  3. Once registered, log in to your account on our website to subscribe and add members to your circle.
  4. Click on the SUBSCRIBE tab and purchase the Individual Basic Package Services @ the incredible rate of $0.99 for one year, OR, if you have an Access Code from your school or business, enter that information. Click on "Subscribe" and you're done!
  5. Next, you'll need to ADD MEMBERS TO YOUR ALERT CIRCLE. These will be the people you know and trust to come to your help when you holler "HELP ME!"
  6. Each invited person will receive an email notifying her/ him of your request to join your circle.
  7. The invited circle member has to download our app and register an Individual account, subscribe to our services, and approve--or reject-your request to be part of your circle.
  8. Open the Mobie Alert app on your smart device and LOG IN. This activates and arms the app on your device.
  9. Once your Individual account has at least one circle member, the system can send your emergency alert to that person whenever you need help! And other circle members can also ask you for help if you're part of their circle. We can help each other stay safe and protected!

It's that simple! So get started and sign up everyone you care about. The cost is ridiculously affordable!

Mobie Alert is the safety network that can be used not only for emergencies, but for short term situations like the recent internet hack when a company's management and employees couldn't communicate through their company's intranet, internet or phones. They had to use an expensive emergency system which some people had and some didn't.

Case Scenario 1: Home Burglary

Mr. Smith is traveling for work when he receives an emergency alert on his mobile smart phone. He learns Mr. Johnson, a friend and neighbor, has sent an emergency alert to all circle members. Based on the address provided on the push message, Smith knows the emergency location is at Johnson's home. Smith immediately launches his application and is connected to his circle's emergency forum. He reads the board and finds out from Johnson that several homes in their neighborhood have been burglarized, including his own. He reviews the images that Johnson has taken and posted on the board. He communicates with Johnson and other members about the situation. Johnson has already contacted 911 after he sent out the emergency alert. The police are on their way. Smith and other affected circle members ask Johnson to provide the police with their contact information so they can follow up directly with them. All members agree to keep the forum open until the police arrive and provide Johnson with information he can share with all members, especially those affected by the burglary.

Once the situation is resolved, only Johnson can reset everyone's application to close out the emergency forum. All members receive a push message informing them of the reset process. Their apps will close and reset itself. Mobie Alert is re-armed and ready for the next time it is needed.

Case Scenario 2: School Shooting

The Browns have registered all family members with Mobie Alert. One day their daughter Sara (Initiator) launches an emergency alert to her family's circle. Everyone receives a push message on her or his mobile device about an emergency situation at Sara's location, her high school. Each member launches his or her application and the system performs a roll call and health status check of all checked-in members. It also provides the GPS location of anyone injured as well as the sender's. On the emergency forum, the Browns learn about the lock down due to a dangerous attack at Sara's school. Sara's school also has Mobie Alert and she was warned of the danger and the reason for the lock down. Based on this information, she chose to launch her own emergency alert to inform her family.

Due to the fact that Mobie Alert connected all family members, Sara's parents were able to learn of the dangerous situation at the high school and Sara's safety immediately. Sara would keep her emergency forum open to keep her parents informed as one of them drove to her school to pick her up.

Once the situation is resolved, Sara can reset her circle members' application and close the emergency forum. All members will receive a push message informing them of the reset process. Their apps will close and reset itself. Mobie Alert is re-armed and ready for the next time it is needed.

Case Scenario 3: Natural Disaster

During a storm in Florida, Ms. Doe launches an emergency alert to her circle when an overflowing river strands her car near a collapsed bridge. Immediately after her emergency alert is sent out, Mobie Alert prompts her with the option to call 911. She clicks "YES" and the call is made. Once she is connected to 911 operators, she notifies them of her danger and provides them with her GPS location as identified by Mobie Alert. The 911 operator tells her to hold on as help is on its way, but is unable to give her an exact time due to similar or worse problems throughout the storm damaged area. In the meantime, Ms. Doe communicates with her circle members and updates them on her situation. One circle member, John, has a big wheel pickup truck and offers to drive to her location to determine if he can safely get her out before the flood carries her way. Another member volunteers to join him. They all agree this is a backup in case 911 responders can't get to her in time.

Guided by Google map's directions, John locates Doe's car which has been pushed three blocks from where it was originally stranded. 911 responders have not arrived. The two men were able to find Doe's car through Mobie Alert and her constant message posting. They get as close to her car as safely as possible. They tie a rope to the truck and the other end around John, who is wearing a life jacket. He wades into the waters and makes it to Doe's car. He helps her out and they both make it safely back to the truck. They communicate their success with the circle and take pictures of the car for insurance purposes. They safely leave the area.

Once safely back at home, Doe saves all chat data and resets everyone's app to close the emergency forum. All circle members receive a push message notifying them of the reset and re-armament. The app is ready for the next time it is needed.