Our mission is to create applications integrating technology seamlessly into daily activities with a broad range of functions and usages, thereby making life meaningful, interactive, time effective, easier and enjoyable.

Our Values

You get what you put in. It's that simple. We put our heart, soul and creativity into the applications that we develop because we're not creating just for our customers, but for ourselves.

Have a Vision

We imagine how life could be better...IF technology could...? That's how we start. What if technology could be used to help and improve people's lives? Our vision is to create and integrate applications seamlessly into the daily grind of life and make it easier, better, and, yes, more fun. If there's a way to do something, why not do it easier, better and have fun too?

Begin With Our Customers

Who are our customers? In one word-EVERYONE.

Everyone who wants a way to connect with people in their communities and share information that is important to them. We can provide you with applications to: (1) safeguard your family, friends, colleagues, employees and others; (2) create real time virtual posts to hawk your wares, create a grassroots movement for social justice, find a job, find the next great art discovery at a garage sale, etc.; and (3) create and play pool games. You decide. We give you the power to do so.

Making Life Easier and Enjoyable

Seriously. Who said life HAD to be hard all the time? Sure life is challenging, dramatic, traumatic, tragic, comedic, joyous, crazy, peaceful, silly, ugly, beautiful, and all-around tough sometimes. Yet it also helps define us as who we are based on the choices we make. As such, our choice is to see the glass as half full and help you fill it up! Here's to making more moments of joy and freedom! Here's to spending more time with our loved ones! Here's to doing something for our community! Here's to doing something big for the world! Here's to living life to our full potential!

Our Company

We are bursting with creativity, vision, innovation and commitment. We are dedicated to developing technologies that improve everyday life through the extension of social media platforms to electronic mediums such as mobile devices, tablets and personal computers.

Our Products

SquaresPix is a social pooling application that connects people any time and any where to play a variety of sports pool games, such as football, basketball, baseball, soccer, cricket, etc.). There are two versions: Lite (free app) and Pro (fully loaded!). You can find them on the Apple Store.

PunchVine (in development)